52-Inch Right-Side Door Soaking Walk-in Bathtub by Cascada

52-Inch Right-Side Door Soaking Walk-in Bathtub by Cascada - Cascada Showers

Joanna Gaines |

For many of us, taking a bath goes beyond simply getting clean. It's a chance to unwind, relax, and soothe tired muscles. But traditional bathtubs can become difficult and even dangerous to access as we age or face mobility challenges.

That's where the Cascada 52-inch Walk-in Bathtub comes in. This innovative bathtub offers a safe and luxurious bathing experience for everyone, regardless of their physical limitations. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why the Cascada 52-inch Walk-in Bathtub is the perfect solution for you:

Safety and Accessibility:

  • Wide, low-threshold entry door: Say goodbye to the struggle of climbing over high bathtub walls. The Cascada's wide, low-threshold entry door makes getting in and out of the bathtub easy and safe.
  • Slip-resistant floor: The textured floor provides excellent grip, preventing slips and falls.
  • Grab bars: Strategically placed grab bars offer additional support and stability when entering and exiting the bathtub.
  • Heated seat: Relax in comfort with the built-in heated seat, which provides soothing warmth even before the water starts filling the tub.

Luxury and Comfort:

  • Deep soaking bathtub: With a generous 52-inch length and 20-inch depth, this bathtub allows you to fully immerse yourself in warm water.
  • Soaking tub function: Enjoy a luxurious spa-like experience with the built-in soaking tub function, which features jets that gently massage your muscles.
  • Fast-fill and quick-drain system: Fill and empty the bathtub quickly and efficiently.

Easy Installation:

The Cascada 52-inch Walk-in Bathtub is designed for easy installation, requiring minimal modifications to your existing bathroom.

Investing in Your Well-being:

A walk-in bathtub is not just a bathroom fixture; it's an investment in your well-being. By regaining your bathing independence and enjoying a luxurious spa experience in the comfort of your own home, you can improve your quality of life and overall well-being.

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Additional Benefits:

  • Peace of mind: Knowing that you can bathe safely and independently gives you and your loved ones peace of mind.
  • Increased home value: A walk-in bathtub can increase the value of your home.
  • Improved mood: The combination of warmth, massage, and chromatherapy can help to improve your mood and reduce stress.
  • Reduced pain: The warm water and massage jets can help to reduce pain and stiffness in your muscles and joints.

Take the first step towards a safer and more enjoyable bathing experience with the Cascada 52-inch Walk-in Bathtub.

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