Spare Parts - Cascada Showers

At Cascada, we know that behind every luxurious shower and smooth-functioning faucet lies a network of hardworking components. These "invisible heroes" ensure your bathroom experience is effortless and enjoyable.

That's why we offer a comprehensive collection of Cascada Spare Parts specifically designed to keep your bathroom essentials running flawlessly, year after year.

From the Heart of the System:

Our spare parts collection goes beyond the surface, offering crucial replacements for the internal mechanisms that make your bathroom tick. Find essential parts like:

Thermostatic Cartridges: Maintain perfect water temperature control with a replacement cartridge for your shower system.

Mixing Valves: Restore smooth water flow and temperature adjustment with a new mixing valve.

Diverter Cartridges: Ensure proper water flow direction with a replacement diverter cartridge, compatible with various knob configurations

Beyond the plumbing:

Cascada understands the importance of a complete bathroom experience. That's why we also offer spare parts for:

 Remote Controls: Upgrade your LED lighting experience with a replacement remote control, allowing effortless control over brightness and color.

A Perfect Fit: Finding the right replacement is easy. Simply browse our collection, filter by product category or part number, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with genuine Cascada parts.


Don't let a small issue disrupt your bathroom routine. Keep your Cascada products running smoothly and explore the possibilities of effortless control.  Shop Cascada Spare Parts today and discover the difference quality makes.