23”x31” Recessed LED shower head 4-mode

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Shower Head

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  • Classic Design 23"X31" Large Super Luxury LED Shower Head, with 3 Types of Rain Fall (Rainfall+ Rain Curtain+ Waterfall or Mix Mode)
  • Multi-Color controlled by waterproof remote control
  • Comply with national GB/T1176 leaded standard, no harm to human health
  • Easy to Install. We will provide installation instructions. Flush Mount Ceiling.
  • Ten Years Warranty Product - Two-Year Warranty LED lights for the shower

1. Product Features

  • Surface Treatment: Polished
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Size: 23x31 Inch
  • Color Change: Remote Control Color Change
  • Installation: Embedded Ceiling
  • Voltage: 120v 
  • Power: Electricity Powered
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Water Flow: 1.8 GPM per each function
  • Water Pressure: 40 psi - 90 psi
  • Thread: G1/2" and G3/4"

2. Modes

  • Rainfall Mode
  • Water Curtain Mode
  • Waterfall Mode
  • Mix Mode

3. Package Include

1. LED Shower Head
2. Remote Controller for Lights
3. Drill Nail Wall*4
4. Installation Tool

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): CSZBD012-140
  • Item Weight: 65 pounds
  • Item Model Number: ‎HDD899
  • Product Dimensions : 23 x 31 x 0.4 inches
  • Size: 23"x31" Classic
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Power Source: A/C
  • Installation Method: Screw-In
  • Flow Rate: 1.8 GPM per each function
  • Inside Diameter: 1/2" standard connector 
  • Plug Profile: Ceiling
  • Certification: ADA Compliant, cUPC
  • Included Components: Remote 
  • Batteries Included? No
  • Batteries Required? No

The Recessed Ceiling Shower Head is known for its luxurious look and its ease of use. The product has a classic design and operates in 4 different modes – rainfall, rain curtain, waterfall, and mixed one. The shower system has a super large size and will cover a considerable amount of the area of the bathroom. The multi-colored LED can easily be controlled by a waterproof remote. The product is also quite easy to install. You can get the installation done all by yourself simply by following the instruction manual.

The showerhead is made of stainless steel which is both long-lasting and durable. The product also complies with the GB/T1176 standards and brings about no harm to human health. The shower set is electrically powered, and the remote is controlled through batteries. The product has a 10 years warranty while the LED light has 2 years warranty. The recessed ceiling showerhead is also known to have a contemporary style.

Product features:

  • 4 different modes of operations
  • Contemporary style
  • Remote control color change
  • Easy to install. Comes with an instruction manual.
  • The embedded ceiling-type installation


Ask a Question
  • does this shower head come with instructions?

    Yes it does come with instructions, and also photos for installation illustrations.

  • Can this be used with any type of controls? Such as moen ?

    Yes, you can use your own valve / controls as long as the valve has three independent outlets to supply the shower head. You would need to run 3 rough in pipes from the valve / control all the way to ceiling (Shower head location). To utilize ALL functions of this shower head, you would need valve that each function is independent of the other (i.e. you can have one function, two functions, or three functions @ the same time). We do sell these valves also.

  • Can the led controller be connected to smart home technology?

    Yes, The LED Lights are controlled by a remote control, which you can be synchronized with smart home technology.

  • I found two of the same unit by the same seller cascada shower but different price. What are the differences?

    There are three different listing. One is Shower Head only. Second is Shower head plus a mixing valve. Third is Shower Head plus handheld plus a mixing valve. If you need additional information, please contact us  directly at 800-685-5040

  • can i buy a new control unit and remote?

    Yes, you can buy a new control unit & remote.

  • How bright are the lights on this unit? Is it bright enough to remove existing can lights above shower?

    Yes, it is bright enough to remove existing can lights above shower.

  • Do I need a knob on the shower wall to turn this on/off?

    Yes you need a knob to control the showerhead. This listing is for showerhead only. We have other listings that comes with the showerhead and handheld. Please refer to the below product listing: https://cascadashowers.com/collections/luxurious-recessed-shower-head/products/cascada-classic-design-31-inch-600mmx800mm-large-rain-shower-set-with-waterfall-led-rectangle-recessed-ceiling-mount-4-function-shower-head-with-remote-control-stainless-steel-polish-finish-3

  • We are going to use 23"x31" Luxurious Recessed Rain & Waterfall LED Shower Head - 4 mode. Specification sheet shows Flow Rate 1.8 gpm for each function. My question is: What will be Flow Rate if will use 4 mode at the same time? It can not be 1.8 x 4 = 7.2 gpm. In NYC Flow Rate for 2 shower head is 3gpm.

    The flow rate for 1 mode of the shower head is 1.8 gpm, however, the maximum flow rate if want all functions to work together at the same time depends on the mixing valve / controller.  If you are using our Thermostatic Mixing Valve (4Konb, 5Knob, 6Knob or 7 Knob), then the maximum flow rate for all modes at the same time will be 5.7 gpm.  This is because our mixing valve comes with regulated cartridge (Vernet CA43G ).

  • For 23"x31" Luxurious LED Shower Head - 4 mode in specification indicated 1.8 gpm flow rate for 1 mode. What will be Flow Rate if will work all 4 mode? Max flow rate for 2 shower head at the same time in NYC is 3 gpm. Please, answer me as soon as possible. Regards, Natalya Beskina

    The flow rate for 1 mode of the shower head is 1.8 gpm, however, the maximum flow rate if want all functions to work together at the same time depends on the mixing valve / controller.  If you are using our Thermostatic Mixing Valve (4Konb, 5Knob, 6Knob or 7 Knob), then the maximum flow rate for all modes at the same time will be 5.7 gpm.  This is because our mixing valve comes with regulated cartridge (Vernet CA43G ).

  • can all functions be used at the same time? Does it need/come with a specific valve?

    This listing is for Shower Head only.  1,2, 3 or 4 functions can be used at the same time.  You would need to run 3 independent rough in pipes from the control valve (not included) to the shower head.  We do have other listing that comes with Control Valve.  PLease refer to these two listings:



  • How high should showerhead be off floor?

    For the shower to be functional and suit all family members, the shower head should be installed approximately 78 to 108 inches above the floor.

  • Where is this product made from?

    It is manufactured in Hong Kong, China. Designed by Cascada Showers in New York. We offer 5 Years Warranty for the product. For technical support or drawings please contact us at 800-562-6888.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Works great.

I installed this two weeks ago and use it every day. LEDs works great, no leaks, plumber said that it looks like good quality.Happy so far, fancy LEDs.

Really nice fixture, Great customer service, High Recommended

Excellent customer service and Awesome shower head. Very well constructed and great performance. Easy to install as well. I love this shower head even though I just got it and only used it a few times . It’s so beautiful . Sleek, modern , clean, heavy water pressure falling on you from the pits of heaven. Would definitely purchase again.

Fantastic shower experience

I came across this shower system when looking for the ultimate shower experience, and I am glad I did. The variety and power of the coverage is amazing. The fully encompassing rain shower with the curtain covers me completely. I highly recommend this system.

A couple things to know first. First, you must make sure to plumb enough GPM and pressure. We brought in a 3/4” per line to two high flow delta valves. We ran the waterfall off one valve and the other features off the other valve. Second, if you replace the bulbs, you can not use LED 50w equivalent, they overload the system and start flashing. Stick to 35w equivalent.

The installation was super simple and straightforward. I would recommend using a plumber, as calculating the flow rate and pressure needs to be properly calculated to fully enjoy the features of this great fixture. Enjoy.