Thermostatic Cartridge (Hot / Cold) for 3-Knob Valve

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Model No. CSSL85674

Thermostatic Cartridge (Hot / Cold) for  3-Knob Valve CSSL0105P1-07 (Middle Knob)

Thermostatic Cartridge (Hot / Cold) for 3-Knob Thermostatic Valve (CSSL0105P1-07)

This is a genuine Vernet CA43 thermostatic cartridge.  This cartridge has 32 splines / teeth at the top.

Due to the Vernet thermostatic valve imported from France, the temperature can be kept at 100°F (38°C ) with tolerance no more than 1.8°F (1°C).

Love Given Precisely at Each Measurement 100°F (38°C), A Temperature of Love Set for Family

The design behind Cascada thermostatic valves is unique for the mixed water surrounding hot water, thus avoiding being burned. The considerate design in the safety lock makes sure only when the safety button is pressed that the water temperature can be turned above 100°F (38°C), in case of mishandling.

Lock in Endurable Warmth in Bathroom Farewell to Being too Hot or too Cold. Make Each Shower an Enjoyment.

Thermostatic Valve can keep stable and precise water temperature and make sure your shower joy would not be interrupted by a sudden change in water temperature when someone turns on faucets in the basin or in the kitchen.

Vernet Technology

With a specially optimized thermostatic element and a highly advanced design of the regulation components, Vernet has developed the CA43 cartridge to give you the best temperature regulation and safety in accordance with various standards including NF EN1111 (marque NF077), ASSE1016 and NHS D08.

NF        :           French standard NF EN 1111 (marque NF077)

ASSE     :           American standard ASSE 1016

D08      :           British standard NHS D08


  • Standard temperature range: 59-140°F (15-60°C)
  • Anti-Limescale: A High technology thermoplastic polymer helps to minimize limescale adherence.
  • Safety: Anti-scald function is individually checked manually with every cartridge

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