Cascada Showers Smart Bidet Seat with Remote Control

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Cascada Showers

Smart Bidet Seat

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Upgrade your bathroom experience with the Cascada Showers Smart Bidet Seat with Remote Control.

This innovative bidet seat features a variety of features to make your bathroom experience more comfortable and hygienic, including:

  • Heated seat: Keep your backside warm and comfortable, even on the coldest days.
  • Self-cleaning nozzle: The nozzle automatically cleans itself before and after each use, so you can be sure it is always sanitary.
  • Adjustable spray: Choose from a variety of spray settings, including rear wash, front wash, and massage, to find the perfect one for your needs.
  • Remote control: Easily operate all of the features of the bidet seat with the included remote control.

The Cascada Showers Smart Bidet Seat is also easy to install and use. Simply attach it to your existing toilet and plug it in. Once it is installed, you can start enjoying all of the benefits of a bidet, including:

  • Improved hygiene: A bidet provides a more thorough cleaning than toilet paper alone, which can help to reduce the risk of infection and hemorrhoids.
  • Reduced toilet paper usage: Save money and reduce your environmental impact by using less toilet paper.
  • Improved comfort: A bidet can help to soothe and relieve itching and irritation, especially in people with sensitive skin.
  • Enhanced personal hygiene: A bidet can help to keep you feeling fresh and clean all day long.


  • Adjustable warm air dryer for easy cleanup
  • Air deodorizer to automatically neutralize bathroom odors
  • Premist to help prevent waste from sticking
  • Dual action pulsating and oscillating wash for a refreshing clean
  • Convenient side panel for instant control of water pressure and temperature settings
  • Soft wash
  • Antibacterial self-cleaning nozzle
  • Dual nozzle design
  • Detachable nozzle
  • Wireless remote control


  • Cleaning function
  • Rear and front wash
  • Massage wash
  • Cleaning position adjustment
  • Antibacterial spout/automatic cleaning
  • Warm water cleaning
  • One solution
  • Lady care

Order your Cascada Showers Smart Bidet Seat today and experience the difference!

Technical Information:

  1. Brand: CSTB328G
  2. Product: Smart Bidet Seat
  3. Color: White with Gold stripe
  4. Dimension: 20" Length; 15" Width; 5 5/8" Height


  • Rated Voltage: AC220/110V 50/60Hz
  • Rated Power: 1520/1280W
  • Power cord length: 5 feet
  • Heating mode: Instantaneous
  • Cover: ABS flame retardant retarding cover
  • Water saving standard: National three-level water-saving standard

Washing equipment:

  • Water pressure range: 0.1(dynamic)-0.75(static),water flow rate over 18L/min
  • Water pressure control: 4-level adjustable
  • Water temperature control: regular,91°F, 97°F, 102°F
  • Water heating power: 1600/1200W
  • Safety device: Temp sensor control system/fuse protector(restore temperature switches)
  • General cleaning: 0.5-0.9L/min(water stress≥0.15MPA)
  • Female cleaning: 0.5-0.9L/min(water stress≥0.15MPA)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Smart toilet, works well

I have had this toilet for a week and have had no issues so far. It is quiet and all of the features work very well.

Life changing

I purchased one of these for me and one for my daughter. Couldn’t do without it now. Highly recommend.

Jack P.
Works well, easy to install

Very good bidet toilet seat. Seat warmer works fantastically. I love the look, so sleek and modern.